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3-D Chair Made out of Fungus

Mycelium Chair by Eric Klarenbeek
Mycelium Chair by Eric Klarenbeek (via The Verge)

Our household is patiently waiting for an affordable 3-D printer, but never have we thought of trying to do anything as ambitious as Eric Klarenbeek, who has designed a chair made out of fungus! Called the “Mycelium Chair,” it is actually a really beautiful symbiosis of design, technology, and nature.

the chair concept is made by mixing water, powdered straw, and mycelium, the threadlike vegetative part of fungus. That mixture is then coated with a thin layer of bioplastic, and as the mixture dries and the mycelium grows, it creates what’s described as a solid but light material. (Source)

(ht: The Verge)

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